IT’S meee

St. Paul, Minnesota’s first Nonverbalesque performer, Fire Hazzzard rolled into the burlesque scene in July 2019. She thoroughly enjoys long strolls to the bank and cats. Fire was a student at ExperTease Fitness for a year and has performed in numerous events including Normandale Community College’s Drag Shows, Queerdo, the 2019 Groundhog Day with ERA Extravaganza, and the 2020 and 2021 Virtual DisabiliTease Festivals! In her everyday life, Fire Hazzzard volunteers for all the things, checks social media every 5 seconds, and falls asleep in the middle of doing literally anything. Fueled by caffeine and anxiety, this no-spoon, chronically fabulous, queen of sass will dazzle you with her mediocre lip-syncing and microscopic dance moves. She will suck the oxygen from any audience and will set their souls on fire just to watch them burn!

In addition to being a disabled af comedy burlesque performer, Fire is a freelance graphic designer who sells her work on various print-on-demand websites and does commissions. She is also a Copy Editor and Social Media Manager for the DisabiliTease Academy.   

Fire Hazzzard is in her wheelchair and has a trach/vent. She has blue hair and is wearing red sleeves, red and black striped tights, a black tutu, black lipstick and a shirt that reads "Ace and Anxious." She is looking at the camera and sticking out her tongue.